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Monday, 14 May 2012

He Never Let Go is now on Amazon

"This is a lovely book, laced with emotion, full of challenge and above all a wonderful insight into the faithfulness of God." Mr & Mrs Jarvis

"This is a courageous telling of one woman's loss of faith - particularly courageous because she was an evangelist. . . This book got me thinking about aspects of my own beliefs that I've never questioned - and in my mind that has to be a good thing. Buy it, enjoy it and be challenged!" E. Ives

"Found this book helpful, informative & interesting - A true story all about a return journey back to God from a loss of faith in Him. Loved it!" Jean Henderson

"A moving account of a crisis of faith" Sandra Delemare

The above comments have been made by folks who have read my book and have been kind enough to leave a review on Amazon. I'm feeling somewhat excited about my book today. My book is now out on Amazon in paperback. I feel like a real (self) published author!! A real paperback book on Amazon!

I am really grateful to those who have helped me along the way and who have been a part of my being able to produce this book. I am also grateful to God for always being there and for never letting go!

I also hope that God will use the book to help others going through a similar thing. The pain of long term unwanted singleness/childlessness caused me to walk away from God. This book explores the pain of my unwanted singleness and describes my way back to God. God never let me go and I am so thankful. 


  1. Well done Lynda.. have just ordered it :)

  2. Thanks Mike. Very kind of you!