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Sunday, 28 September 2014

True Freedom

I've been thinking for the last few weeks about freedom. How can I be truly free? What is it I am seeking freedom from?  Am I sabotaging my own efforts to be free?

In that last question I reveal a deep flaw in my thinking. And I have learned this before and still fall into the same trap. I am trying to be free from so many things. I am trying to be free from..

Fear of the future
Fear of my own success.
Fear of leaving behind the familiar.

But as  Christian I believe that Christ already won freedom for me by his death on the cross. So why am I still trying to be free? Have I missed something? How come I am still fighting for something that He already did?

I already knew the answer to this in my head but now I am trying to let the answer sink further down into the depth of my being.

I realised today that I am STILL trying to earn my freedom, I am still trying to earn blessings from God. But that is not how it works. All I have to do is to believe in the freedom I already have. I am free in Christ. If only I would stop trying to be free in my own strength. If I only would stop trying to earn it.
The verse to the left is one written by St Paul centuries ago. He was frustrated that the Galatian Church was trying earn their salvation. 2000 years later I am still doing the same thing!

God needs so much patience with me!

I am scared to have the freedom because I am scared that further down the line God will say I am not good enough to have it and take it away. But that is such a distortion of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am trying to be free when I am already free. I have freedom in Christ. All I need to do is believe it!

It's as simple and hard as that! Simple but just so hard to do. Jesus told us that if we followed Him and His teaching we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. But so often we follow our own teaching.

I am a failure
I can't stop doing this..
I will always have this problem...

These are lies that come from the father of lies and do not come from God. We must start to believe the truth if we want it to take root in our lives.

Change your mind. Believe God's truth about yourself. I have started listening to the Father's Love Letter recently. Time and time again I listen to it and gradually it is sinking in.
Watch it and take in the truth.

What do you do to help yourself believe the truth? Maybe you have tips that you can share?