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Friday, 12 August 2011

He Never Let Go

Writing this blog has proved very helpful. It has helped me give voice to the vague rumblings of thought bubbling away in my subconscious. Comments have proved even more helpful in prompting me to think things through even more.

Writing my book was like that only more so. I decided to write about my experiences of loosing my faith while still working as a parish evangelist in London. I am so grateful that my faith returned after leaving ministry. Writing about it has cemented everything that happened in my mind.

My book is now with a few kind family and friends who are reading it for me. I have had some good feed back for it.

This morning my step-mum left this on my Facebook wall "Dear Lynda, look at the time! 23.36! I am so enjoying your book I don't want to put it down and I'm forgetting that my task is to proof read it. I'll have to read it right through once, then start again to make the corrections you want. It's very readable - well done indeed!"

Yesterday Tim Ross wrote this "I’ve just finished reading the first two chapters, and already I want to know what’s going to happen. Because of the title of the book and the introduction, the reader (me) is wondering how it can possibly all go wrong, which lends a great sense of anticipation. You’ve got a nice, clear style with uncomplicated language, which I like, as it makes the book all the more readable." Tim also wrote helpful a few very helpful editorial points which is fantastic. Exactly the kind of feed back I needed!

I started playing around with covers for my book. I had all sorts of images in my mind. Many examples of what I played around with are on my Facebook page, He Never Let Go, http://www.facebook.com/LyndaJAlsford 

But then one of my fb friends posted something on my wall. I had previously added various photos of my sample covers asking for comments. Graham O'Leary very kindly played around with ideas himself. He came up with the cover you see on this post. He said "I took the liberty of bold and Minimal! What you think?" What do I think? I think its fantastic. I love the bold and I love the minimal. I really love it. It is eye catching. It will jump of the shelves metaphorically speaking and hopefully literally as well! It speaks of where I am now, rather than where I was during my crisis. I am very grateful to him. It is the cover I think I shall use.

God has been so involved in every step of the way. He gave me the idea. He sent the lovely Kathie Kearny to say to me directly" I think you need to write a book about it".  He has helped me to write the book. He has sent lovely people at every step of the way to encourage me. The whole project is in his hands. It is up to him how and when it is published. I am pushing various publishing doors and have no doubt that if the Lord wants it published then it will be published!  I love you Jesus.