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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Book writing going well

I've been neglecting my blog somewhat of recent weeks. I have been busy writing my book instead, It's going really well. I have practically finished the first draft of the book now. I've got a bit stuck on how to structure the final two chapters,  and can't work out how to end it yet either. But the rest of it is coming along well. I am giving the final chapters a break at the moment. I think if  I go back to them after not looking at them for a while it will become clearer. I am now editing the book. I find I am enjoying this much more than I did the actual writing of it to begin with. I feel it is really taking shape.

Obviously it would be great if it was published but for the moment I am concentrating on the process of writing it. It is an important process for me. It's proving to be very healing too.  I already have people lined up to read it for me so I can get feedback about it,  which is great. Once I've had it back from them and applied any changes etc it will be time to start looking for a publisher or to decide to self-publish.  But that is some time ahead yet.

There is a free draft  copy of the Introduction to my book on my website http://www.lyndaalsford.com on the Book page. If you have any comments about it I would love to hear them.