Welcome to the Patchwork Blog! I hope you enjoy reading my random thoughts about life, Jesus and the freedom he offers.

About Me

I live in East Sussex, where I work as a   receptionist at my local GP surgery.

I absolutely love living near the sea. It is a few hundred meters away from me and it's wonderful. I wish I had moved to here much sooner. Its lovely! 

I am a trained Church Army Evangelist and worked as parish evangelist at two different West London churches over a period of seven years. In 2009 I started going through a time of doubting the existence of God. I thought I had become an atheist. I left Church ministry in 2010  and moved to my present job. While here I have rediscovered my belief in God. Over the last year and a half I feel like I have been 'born again' again. My faith is far stronger than it has been for ages. I am discovering again the Abba Father 'Daddy' love of God for the first time.

I decided to write my story down firstly in the form of this blog. Then I wondered if it could be made into a book. The process of writing it has been most cathartic indeed. The book is called 'He Never Let Go'.

I live with my 3 legged rescue cat called Sir Charles Limpalot. Charlie (as he's known to his friends) is proud, and doesn't consider himself disabled by his missing front left paw. He likes belly rubs, and bringing me live frogs, birds and mice  as presents. I do not like these presents. 
Lynda Alsford