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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Free from food addiction!

My new book 'Being Known; My journey to freedom from food addiction' is now out on Kindle. My  desire is that those suffering in a similar way to me will find hope for their own journeys in its pages. Freedom from food addiction is possible and I hope my story can encourage others.

Being Known description
“Food is an anaesthetic and its anaesthetising powers have me imprisoned”Lynda Alsford was a captive who dreamed of freedom from addictive overeating. 
“I had a hole in me somewhere… a black hole of pain sucking in all the food around me”Would she ever work out how to fill the hole in her soul with something other than food?
Being Known describes Lynda’s long, arduous journey to find freedom from addiction to food. Share her triumphs and disappointments over many years of searching as she edged her way to freedom.

I've had some lovely messages from people who read my first book, He Never Let Go, telling me how it helped them in their time of doubt, so I hope this will be the case with this one too.

'Being known' will be published in paperback in the next few weeks too. I will let you know here when it is out in that format.

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