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Thursday, 29 March 2012

[Self] published author

I have finally finished my book He Never Let Go.  It is now out on Amazon's Kindle. I hope to have paperbacks out in the next few months too. Its been a long journey to get here but a very cathartic one. Writing my story down has helped a lot. I hope it can help others who are going through a bad time too. 

Here is the link to the Amazon page for the book, He Never Let Go. This link opens in another window and takes you to the Amazon website.  It feels like quite an achievement to say the least. 


  1. Well done, Lynda
    I look forward to getting a copy once it comes out in paper. Kindle is a bit too 21st Century for an old geyser like me.

  2. Thanks Hugh. I will say on the blog when it is out in paperback! Mark Russel read the first chapter (which is free as the preview of the book in the kindle store) and said it was 'deeply moving'. Another vicar friend of mine (and of Mark's too actually) said it was 'gripping and gritty' but perhaps they are just being nice to me!