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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Book writing going well

I've been neglecting my blog somewhat of recent weeks. I have been busy writing my book instead, It's going really well. I have practically finished the first draft of the book now. I've got a bit stuck on how to structure the final two chapters,  and can't work out how to end it yet either. But the rest of it is coming along well. I am giving the final chapters a break at the moment. I think if  I go back to them after not looking at them for a while it will become clearer. I am now editing the book. I find I am enjoying this much more than I did the actual writing of it to begin with. I feel it is really taking shape.

Obviously it would be great if it was published but for the moment I am concentrating on the process of writing it. It is an important process for me. It's proving to be very healing too.  I already have people lined up to read it for me so I can get feedback about it,  which is great. Once I've had it back from them and applied any changes etc it will be time to start looking for a publisher or to decide to self-publish.  But that is some time ahead yet.

There is a free draft  copy of the Introduction to my book on my website http://www.lyndaalsford.com on the Book page. If you have any comments about it I would love to hear them.


  1. Excellent Lynda. I'll read the intro. Praying for you :)

  2. Thanks Mike. I need all the pray I can get at the moment. I think I am under attack from the enemy. He seriously doesn't want this book written. But God does and He is the Lord. Praise Him!!

  3. May I suggest that your book has an index? Not all publishers appreciate that a good index will help sales too. if a book doesn't have an index I probably would not buy it.

    The Society of Indexers would be able to assist you, perhaps a trainee indexer would be willing to index the book to gain valuable experience.

    I am no longer a member of the society, as a retired person could not justify the fees especially as I will not be doing any more paid for indexing. still support the society's ideals.

  4. Pixie Mum,

    That is a very good idea indeed. I think I will look into it. It would be worth the extra effort I think. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. well done for making such progress! A little worried about your comment that the devil doesn't want you to write it. Do I take it from that that you have returned to a full evangelical faith?

  6. Mandy,
    I don't really know what its becoming. I do think there has been opposition to my writing it at a Spiritual level but that doesn't mean I am back to being a fully fledged evangelical. My faith is now so very different to what it was. It is far more God focussed and far less church focussed. This also means it is far less easy to label it in anyway.
    A friend recently sent me an email with this line it in "This process appears, to me at any rate, to be the beginning of being brave enough to trust God and to know him without limits - even if that means, like Moses, we are no longer even sure of his name!" I think he has put it in a really helpful way. In some ways I am no longer sure who God is or what his name is but I know I want to know him more and more importantly I know I am loved by him deeply.