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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Writing a book

Those of you who are not on my Facebook list may not know that I have decided to write a book about my experiences of going through this time of doubt and coming out the otherside of it. I have already started it, but not got that far with it! I think it will be a very cathartic experience writing it even if it doesn't end up published, although I hope it will be. I am also starting to read round other books about the same subject. If you know of any books you could recommend please let me know. I will read St John of the Cross's 'Dark night of the soul', Mother Teresa's 'Come be my Light' and 'Losing faith' by Andy Frost, to start with.  Seems a bit daunting but also exciting as I am sure it is God who is leading me to write it.


  1. Hi Lynda

    Good luck with this - I think it'd be a great help to many (and that a book or blog series on singleness would be brilliant too). A book I found very helpful is 'A Hell of Mercy' by Tim Farrington.

  2. Thanks Emma. As far as singleness goes I am currently on a committee called Project One which is looking at the area of being a single Christian in the 21st century from a wholeness and relationship point of view. We don't know what we will end up with as far as an end product as we have only had one meeting but something will happen eventually. The project is being overseen by Holy Trinity Brompton, in London.