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Friday, 6 June 2014


I have had a busy week this week and have been worn out. I am tired emotionally and physically. But I got a real lift this evening as I dragged my way around the supermarket to get something for my evening meal. Before God set me free from food addiction I would have been craving certain food types and would have gone straight for the chocolate or ice cream or cakes etc.

 Today as I walked around I realised I was indeed craving something...a mozzarella and bacon salad. I did buy some of those ice creams on a stick covered in chocolate but didn't fancy one when I got home. I was yearning a large salad. Amazing. So amazing. I am FREE!!! I feel so grateful to God that I am no longer addicted to food. I am free! The way my life has turned around is incredible and I give Him thanks and praise indeed.

I watched a TV programme a while back called 'Weight loss ward' on ITV 1. It followed various patients from Sunderland who are being treated for obesity and food addiction. It really made me grateful as well for my freedom. I knew not long before I was set free that I was on my way to that kind of morbid obesity and an early death. I praise God indeed for His work in my life. If it wasn't for Him I would have gone on getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

My freedom came when I surrendered every thing to God. When I allowed Him to be the comfort to me that food had been previously. It took years to trust Him enough, to look to Him and say 'You are my everything' and to mean that with all my heart. But it was doing this that set me on the road to freedom. I walked towards the light of Christ. I just looked to Him and no-one else. I got to a point where I said "Lord, I just want to know you. If I am fat and a food addict for the rest of my life I don't care. I just want to know more of You." And I  meant it. That is what finally started me walking to the light instead of just talking about the light.

Look to Him, walk to the light and believe that He will bring freedom. Jesus died to enable you to be set free.

"The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it"  1 Thessalonians 5:24  (NIVUK)

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