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Monday, 21 January 2013

Being Known - Freedom from food addiction

Since writing the post below I have learned a lot about why I found freedom from food addiction. The post below talks about my identity as as a Christian being key to my finding freedom. But now I know that actually it is more specific than that.  It is coming to know more intimately my identity as a child of my Heavenly Father that I have found freedom. Jesus died on the cross to remove the barrier than stopped me having intimacy with Father God. So often I concentrate on Jesus and forget Father God.

I had an emptiness inside me that I tried to fill with food. But the hunger was never sated. It couldn't be because I wasn't really hungry for food. I was hungering for intimacy with Father God. 

And now I am learning to allow Father God to fill those empty spaces and the need to binge has gone. I had to let go of it but once I knew that love of Papa God I had the courage to do it. I knew the emptiness was being filled with something that would really fulfil me. 

To read more about my discovery of the Father Heart of God read my post, Discovering our Father's Heart on here or read the same post on More than Writers, (the blog of the Association of Christian Writers) for which I am regular contributor. 


I am currently writing my second book. The first book (He Never Let Go ) is about my loss and subsequent regain of faith despite being a trained evangelist working in a lively church. The second is about how Jesus set me free from the eating disorder compulsive overeating or food addiction. 

The working title is 'Being Known' because identity is at the core of how I found freedom. Earlier posts talk about how this more ( freedom from an eating disorder and seek the healer not the healing ). The longer I experience my freedom the more I realise it is so tied up with my identity as a Christian. It is knowing who I am in Christ and believing that. It is aiming to seek intimacy with Father God above all else. My freedom is in  Him alone. All I have done that has led me to this point has been to seek Him in greater measure, to take on board the truths of what Jesus did for me on the cross. 

I was drowning in my addiction much like the hand of the person rising up out of the water in the picture   All I did was reach towards Jesus and his already outstretched hands grabbed me held on so I could be saved. I had to choose to reach up to him though.  He is quick to help us when we reach up. However, like many drowning people we often fight the hand that is rescuing us. 

Father God please help us to stay focused on you, our source of healing, our saviour! 

I would also like to ask if anyone, who has similar problems, wants to say something? 

Would you like your voice heard on what it is like to suffer with an eating disorder? 

Have you tried to find freedom? If so how?

 Maybe you know about it from 'the other side' as a friend or relative of a food addict (or other eating disorder). 

I would love to hear from you.

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